Grading 4 Jazz trade deadline targets from no-brainer to must-avoid

Breaking down several potential Jazz trade targets by desirability.
Jordan Clarkson, Moses Moody, Utah Jazz
Jordan Clarkson, Moses Moody, Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Grant Williams - Somewhat no-brainer

It is pretty obvious that the Jazz are not on the doorstep of contending for a championship. They have a group of tough players that want to win and function well together. One way they could inch closer to the top tier teams in the Western Conference is by adding a championship-level player like Grant Williams.

The Jazz could really stand to add more young talent that is not being paid on a hefty contract, and Williams fits that bill. He is currently putting up consistent production for a Mavericks team in the mix for the playoffs. Realistically, he has not seen much change in his numbers since being traded away from Boston last summer.

Those who watched him with the Celtics during a few deep playoff runs know what he brings to the table. Grant is the prototypical "16-game player" rather than an "82-game player." Simply put, he knows how to add value with his defense and shooting when the chips are down and everything is on the line in the playoffs.

Getting Grant in Utah would be a near-dream addition. At the same time, Dallas would likely want a sizeable return for him, which is what puts him a tier below "absolute no-brainer."