Grade the trade pitch: Jazz send Lauri Markkanen to rising West contender

Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes proposed a trade that would make the Jazz embrace a rebuild by trading Markkanen. But is it a good return for them?
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz
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Josh Giddey brings some controversy to the Jazz

It's already been explained why bringing in Giddey might not be the best idea for the Jazz, given his history. Giddey is young enough that, on paper, if the Jazz take him in a rebuild, he would be worth developing on the floor. However, he may never shed the controversy surrounding him, and if not, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Without going into too much more detail, bringing in Giddey may also require an additional asset or two on the Thunder's end. Doing so could make a deal all the easier for the Jazz to agree to.

Utah has to ask themselves if investing in Giddey's potential is worth the level of backlash they would get from acquiring him. Fully embracing the rebuild may also make it easier, and perhaps a little PR cleanup could help his image a tad.

The problem is, in the digital media era, fans no longer have goldfish memories. Especially when it comes to off-the-court stuff. At the same time, teams have the tendency to let those things slide over time, no matter how despicable those actions are (see Bridges, Miles). Giddey's problems are not on the same level as Bridges, but that doesn't make them any less revolting.