Grade the trade pitch: Jazz acquire former free agent target for Jordan Clarkson

PhillyVoice's Adam Aaronson floated a trade that would send the Jazz Paul Reed for Jordan Clarkson. Is that a trade the Jazz would consider?
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

At 32 years old, Jordan Clarkson doesn't seem to have much of an immediate future with the Utah Jazz. Executives around the NBA seem to think as much. HoopsHype's Michael Scotto confirmed precisely that during his mock draft on June 15.

"There’s also a belief from rival executives who spoke with HoopsHype that guards Collin Sexton and Jordan Clarkson could become available on the trade market," Scotto wrote.

Drafting Isaiah Collier while also developing Keyonte George both seem like pretty telling signs that Clarkson's days with the Jazz are indeed numbered. So, if this is really it for Clarkson, what could be the best deal for him?

PhillyVoice's Adam Aaronson proposed a trade that would not only get Clarkson off their books but also give them a familiar free agent target in return: Paul Reed. Aaronson outlined further details of the trade and why he believes the Jazz would do it.

"As the Jazz prepare to embrace a youth movement, trading spark plug scorer Jordan Clarkson for Reed -- with the Sixers perhaps attaching a second-round pick as well -- could make sense," Aaronson wrote. "Utah has significant cap flexibility and nearly as many future draft picks as Oklahoma City, so a deal without Clarkson involved could work as well."

The trade could work for the Jazz if the Sixers pay the right price for Clarkson

The Sixers don't have much use for Reed after they brought Andre Drummond back, which is why he'll likely be available. Because of the contract that Jazz signed Reed to as a restricted free agent - which the Sixers matched - the last two years of his deal are non-guaranteed, meaning the Jazz could completely rid themselves of Clarkson's $28 million over the next two years.

However, Clarkson is paid on an inexpensive contract while the NBA's salary cap is expected to rise over the next few years. More cap flexibility isn't a problem at all, especially seeing how many teams did their darndest to stay below the tax apron on Day 1 of free agency, but forking over a former Sixth Man of the Year who is still in his prime for that alone is selling low.

So in short, this is a deal that the Jazz should look into if they want to have more cap flexibility. That can definitely come in handy knowing the extension they will have to give Lauri Markkanen if they plan to keep him. However it should take more than a second-round pick.

If that's what the Jazz get in return, this trade is a B-minus at best. However, if they are able to get one of the Sixers' first-round picks in the process, it would definitely be an A. If they could get one of those Clippers picks, it's easily an A=plus.