Getting Kenneth Lofton playing time should be priority for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz made a nice signing by getting fan-favorite Kenneth Lofton
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Kenneth Lofton is now a member of the Utah Jazz, signing with the team for the next three years on what will end up being a non-guaranteed contract. Sorry to disappoint but no, 1990s baseball fans, we're not talking about the extraordinary and Hall of Fame-worthy outfielder. We're talking about the undersized 6'6 NBA center, who made waves in the 2022 Summer League when he quite possibly out-played the potential 2024 Rookie of the Year Winner Chet Holmgren. Lofton was a name that a lot of fans of the Memphis Grizzlies were excited to have, especially after his early showings.

But he would bounce around from the NBA to the G-League, before getting traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. His NBA numbers aren't impressive, as he hardly played, and it would make you wonder why anyone would give him a chance. It's because, in the G-League, he wrecked people.

At just 6'6 and 275 pounds, he's not a very tall player for his position, which is a natural center, but he is ferocious. In the G-Leaguee he averaged, and I kid you not, 26.4 points and 8.9 rebounds in just 29.8 minutes of play. He's being slept on due to his height, which admittedly isn't ideal.

That doesn't mean he isn't very capable, however. Bam Adebayo is 6'9 and he's considered one of the best centers in the league. Ben Wallace is 6'9 and he's a Hall of Famer. Lofton has all the potential in the world and if men like Draymond Green (6'6) and Dennis Rodman (6'7) can excel as undersized big men, why not Lofton?

While Rodman may not have been a center, he's one of the better examples for Lofton, as he's a rebounding machine just like Rodman. He's got a smooth touch around the rim and is working on his ability to shoot three-pointers.

He's the kind of guy that makes sense for the Jazz to pursue, as he's got a specific trait that stands out. He's a heck of a physical force under the rim and the Jazz should really see what they have in him.