4 players the Utah Jazz should consider with the #10 pick

Who will the Jazz take at #10 in the NBA Draft? Here are 4 possibilities.
Atlanta Hawks wins the NBA draft lottery...
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Dalton Knecht, Chendall Weaver
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Dalton Knecht, SG, Tennessee - 6'6" 213 lbs.

A season ago, Dalton Knecht played for the University of Northern Colorado of the Big Sky Conference and chose to transfer to the SEC. He joined the Tennessee Volunteers. A drop in statistical production followed as he adjusted to the rise in competition, but Knecht not only translated to big-school basketball, he excelled, with his rebounding being the only major stat to take a hit (from 7.2 to 4.9 per game).

His story feels like another Big Sky recruit who flew under the radar, Damian Lillard. And also evokes some comparisons to Scottie Pippen, the NBA Hall-of-Famer who had the late growth spurt, like Knecht, and grew into his body and became a stellar college player and later an NBA great.

Knecht averaged 21.7 points per game in his final year of college basketball, along with 45/39/77 shooting splits and a competitiveness that was infectous to his teammates.

He will have to adapt to stronger, quicker players at the NBA level, and his ballhandling could improve a bit, but his shooting form and consistency will translate to the next level. His on-the-move shot taking is reminiscent of players like Ray Allen and Klay Thompson at times.

Having him rolling for catch-and-shoot 3s in the Jazz offense would be fun to watch for the next decade.