4 players the Jazz should target in the NBA Draft

Which NBA draft prospects would be a good fit in Utah?
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four
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Ron Holland - Wing, G League Ignite

Ron Holland, Alex Sarr
Ron Holland weaves through traffic on his way to the rim against the Perth Wildcats / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Draft Range: Mid-to-late lottery

The G-League Ignite is officially dead, but Ron Holland shouldn't be blamed for their horrific 2023-24 campaign that drove the final nail through the coffin. Holland was the brightest star of the Ignite's swansong. A dynamic defender and explosive athlete, Holland has all the tools to become an NBA star.

Holland showed off his fantastic switchability on the defensive end with the Ignite. He's capable of matching up with quicker guards and has good defensive instincts. Paired with his insatiable hustle, Holland is a sure-thing defensive weapon on the next level. Offensively, though, his game becomes less impressive.

You'll often see Holland drive to the rim to attempt difficult layups, which he converts at an impressive rate. His shot struggles to find any consistency, though, especially from a standstill. Curiously, he seems to shoot better off the dribble, and Coach Hardy will want to work on improving his catch-and-shoot ability to avoid having Holland be a ball-stopper.

Holland hasn't impressed scouts with his basketball IQ. For every incredible play he delivers, he'll give you one that makes you want to punch your TV. Still, Holland has flashed playmaking upside and is the youngest player in the draft at 18 years old. Drafting Holland is a bet on his upside, and the Jazz seem to be prioritizing upside with their infinite draft picks.

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