4 players the Jazz should target in the NBA Draft

Which NBA draft prospects would be a good fit in Utah?
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Devin Carter - Wing, Providence

Devin Carter
Devin Carter runs the floor as Providence takes on Creighton / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Draft Range: Late lottery to mid-first round

Carter is a late-bloomer, and is finally drawing attention from the NBA following his junior season. More NBA-ready than most players on this list, Carter would make an immediate impact on this Jazz team, though they may have to reach a bit to grab him 10th overall.

Carter may have been the toughest defender in college hoops last season and he carries an intensity in his game that could make him a fan-favorite in Salt Lake. A dynamic athlete and surprising leaper, he's incredibly active off-ball; Carter will cut, rotate, and do the little things to keep the offense operating. He greases up the moving pieces of the offense but is more than capable of finishing by himself.

But here's the concern about his game: it isn't going to win any beauty pageants. He hit a high percentage of his 3-pointers in his final season at Providence, but his release is low and slow. Carter doesn't handle the ball especially well, and he could struggle if defenses blitz him. He won't be your offense's decision maker, but he would flourish if put in the right spots.