4 players the Jazz should target in the NBA Draft

Which NBA draft prospects would be a good fit in Utah?
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Cody Williams - Guard, Colorado

Cody Williams
Cody Williams drives past a Marquette defender in the NCAA Tournament / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Draft Range: Mid-to-late lottery

The younger brother of OKC's Jalen Williams (the really good one) entered the season with the NBA media buzzing about his potential. Cody Williams carries a more slender frame than his older brother, but flashes scoring upside that could prove valuable to the Jazz should he develop well. Williams stands at 6'6" with a wingspan that reaches to 7'1". If he can build muscle onto that frame, his potential could be frightening.

Williams is very comfortable with the ball in his hands. He has a smooth handle, and gets to the rim with ease. He's capable of hitting difficult layups, and wields promising court vision that would make for a devastating combination if he can chisel away the roughness that still remains in his game.

Long and athletic players like Williams would help to fill in the defensive holes the Jazz were plagued with this season. He could be an excellent defender on the NBA level, and would pair very well with Taylor Hendricks to get into passing lanes and give opposing offenses some trouble. He'll need to improve his shooting ability if he wants to become a real weapon for the Jazz, but all the tools are present to make that happen.