4 players the Jazz should target in the NBA Draft

Which NBA draft prospects would be a good fit in Utah?
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four
UConn's Stephon Castle in the Final Four / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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This year's NBA Draft class has a unique batch of players, and projecting them for teams like the Utah Jazz will likewise be a unique challenge. Mock drafts across the internet seem split on who will be the top pick, and the lottery is constantly spinning like a roulette wheel.

In this year's draft, there is no Victor Wembanyama, Zion Williamson, or LeBron James--in other words, we have no clear-cut top pick. In fact, we don't even have a clear top three, five, or even ten prospects. The league's scouts have their work cut out for them this year.

Just like a puzzle master, deliberately slotting jigsaw pieces together to materialize the greater picture, Utah's front office is measuring these players and envisioning their place on the roster. This player may fit well next to that player, but will he be redundant next to the other?

Danny Ainge
Danny Ainge has plenty of preparation ahead of him for this year's NBA Draft / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Team building is delicate arithmetic, and picking the right players in a draft can make the difference between a successful rebuild, like Oklahoma City, and endless bottom-dwelling, like Detroit or Washington. That's why drafting Bronny James makes for an interesting dilemma.

In what has been described as a bad year to pick a star, but a great year to find a role player, Utah hit some bad luck when the draft lottery dropped them to the 10th pick.

Danny Ainge will certainly be sitting on the edge of his seat, hoping beyond hope that Utah's top players on their big board slide to meet them at the 10th slot, but which players should draw the greatest intrigue from Utah's front office? Sure, they aren't likely to land a superstar, but finding a good fit for their young core will be paramount.

The draft speculation period is in full effect, so how about we get in on the fun? Here are some players that we believe would fit well on Utah's roster.

Stephon Castle - Guard, UConn

Stephon Castle
Stephon Castle cut down the nets this April following UConn's dominant run to the National Championship / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

Draft Range: Early-to-mid lottery

Stephon Castle is--above all--a winner. Obviously, anyone who watched March Madness saw as his UConn squad cut through the tournament field on their way to a dominant tournament victory. But Castle's impact is deep, and he prides himself on making winning plays.

Castle is an all-around player, who impacts the game on all levels, though has never shown flashes of being the best player on the floor. He plays hard, though, and is a tough defender capable of disrupting offenses and forcing defensive stops.

Castle has a great feel for the game and plays as a cog in the system, rather than playing as though he is the system. He won't hesitate to make the extra pass and remains active off-ball. His game compliments Keyonte George well, and would be another defensive bullet for Utah's front court, next to Kris Dunn and Collin Sexton.

Castle's weaknesses appear in his jumper. He's far from a liability from long-range, but he's shot under 30% from distance since high school. Floaters and layups have shown plenty of touch, and Castle has flashed improvement from the free throw line. Poor shooting numbers can likely be corrected in this case, and adding a knock-down jumper to his game could make Castle the best player in his class.