Former NBA star Jason Williams puts his whole foot in his mouth with an absurd take on John Stockton

Jason Williams was a great player on the court but he's proven to be a bad pundit off.
Jason Williamson (R) of the Sacramento Kings drive
Jason Williamson (R) of the Sacramento Kings drive / BRETT CRANDALL/GettyImages

Jason Williams seems to be a bit bitter these days. The former NBA point guard has come out swinging on a recent podcast appearance on Players TV. During his apperance, the former Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, and Memphis Grizzlies guard made it known that he didn't much respect Utah Jazz great John Stockton. It could be due to the fact Stockton was known for handling Williams whenever they met, or it could be due to needing views. Who knows?

Williams, with the worst take of all time, told his co-host Bubba Dub that he would rather have Seth Curry over Stockton. His argument, while proclaiming Stockton was "good" was that Seth could shoot, and Stockton couldn't. To be clear, Williams didn't say Steph, he said Seth, as in the journeymen shooting guard, not the Hall of Fame point guard.

Now, if he had ended there, fair. But he went on to proclaim that Stockton was "given" an additional three thousand assists by scorekeepers in Utah, while also saying all he did was lob passes to Karl Malone.

Arguments debunked by Andy Larsen already.

Yet the claims persist. It's bad enough for him to say that Seth Curry was better than Stockton, in any way but it's even worse to hear this debunked argument persist by someone who is so respected by the NBA community.

Let's clear up the Curry V Stockton argument. Firstly, they played in different eras, so the way the game was played was drastically different. Yet, that doesn't mean Curry was a better shooter than Stockton. Stockton shot 51.5% from the floor and 38.4% from three during his career. Yes, he only shot two threes per game at his peak, but that was the norm back then. NBA teams only took 13 threes back then per game. The players who shot the most were around the four or five-per-game figure.

It was a different game but one that Stockton still excelled at. He could clearly shoot, but that's not the point, the point was that Seth Curry could shoot better. Curry, for his career, averages just four shots from three a night, and for his career he only averages 1.8 made. Stockton made 1.5 per night.

Considering the average NBA team shoots 35 per night on average, and guys like Steph Curry and Luka Doncic average over 10 per game, it's fair to say that Seth Curry is as far from a great shooter as Jason Williams is from the Hall of Fame.

But let's not let facts get in the way of a good hot take.