Everything you need to know about the Utah Jazz's new hockey sibling

The Utah Jazz are about to welcome the former Phoenix Coyotes.
Edmonton Oilers v Arizona Coyotes
Edmonton Oilers v Arizona Coyotes / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz just adopted a brand new hockey team. The former Phoenix Coyotes are in fact heading to Salt Lake City. Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith and his wife Ashley were officially given an expansion NHL team for Salt Lake, giving the Jazz a sibling team to split home duties at the Delta Center.

It's important to note that the Jazz's new sibling hockey team is not actually the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes franchise itself is officially inactive going forward, and what the Jazz did was purchase the contracts of the Coyotes coaching staff, team, and administrative crew from the NHL

The Coyotes just ran out of time to make themselves a sustainable part of the NHL and were relegated in a sense to the Mullett Arena, which held just 4,600 fans for home games. The city of Phoenix did want to retain the team, but when it became clear the owner of the team, Alex Meruelo, may not secure the development rights to a plot of land that he would want to build a new arena, the NHL opted to make the Coyotoes invactive and give Salt Lake City a new team.

Ryan Smith bought the new club from Meruelo and the NHL for $1.2 billion and will have the entire group of the old Arizona Coyotes coming aboard. The history of the team, however, will remain with Meruelo and the city of Phoenix. The hope is that the city can get a new arena built and bring the Coyotes franchise back to the area.

This will not affect the new Salt Lake City team, however. All the draft capital, players, and the like will be with Salt Lake City regardless of the future of the Phoenix team.

For a modern comparison, this is what happened to the Cleveland Browns in 1996. The Browns franchise, staff, coaches, and players all relocated to the city of Baltimore but the city of Cleveland kept the team name, colors, and franchise history. The actual team that moved to Baltimore became the Baltimore Ravens and while the squad was kept mostly intact from 1995 to 1996, the Ravens were an expansion team.

The Salt Lake City team will work the same way.

Smith has been asking fans for ideas for the new team's nickname, with a lot of people seemingly on board with the Yetis.