Draymond Green could be a huge asset for the Utah Jazz if they can handle his immaturity

The Utah Jazz could use what Draymond Green has to offer.
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Draymond Green likely won't be back next season with the Golden State Warriors. The 34-year-old forward likely wore out his welcome in San Francisco, and will now be looking for a new home after four NBA Championships, four NBA All-Star Games, two All-NBA teams, and eight All-Defensive teams.

Green has been a vocal point of the Warriors offense and defense when he's been on the floor, an issue that has become more and more of a problem in recent years as his behavior has continually gotten him in trouble with the NBA. Make no mistake about it, Green has issues that transcend basketball. He's childish, immature, violent, unpredictable, and a nightmare to handle if you're a coach or GM.

You would have to be desperate for a non-scoring forward who can play elite defense to even think about adding him to your roster. Sadly, the Jazz are that desperate. The Utah Jazz are a putrid defensive mess that needs stability and talent around them. They need someone like Green who can play multiple roles defensively. They need his passing and rebounding. They need his physicality.

They don't need the headache that comes with him, but that's not really the point. The point is the Jazz need a guy of his skillset and if they can land Green on a modest two-year deal, I hate to say it, but they should.

The Jazz have proven they are not capable of winning as built and if they're unable to move on from John Collins or land any major upgrades around Lauri Markkanen, they're going to have to consider Green as a player.

He has a huge wealth of issues, but his impact on the defensive end of the court, plus his ability to pass makes him oddly useful for the Jazz above all else. The Jazz don't have issues scoring the ball, so they don't need Green to shoot that often. They need his game-changing defense, which he can still provide at 34.

Green is not the most ideal player to land in the NBA, but the Jazz is not in a place where they can afford to dismiss a talent of his caliber, considering he instantly improves so many of the Jazz's biggest issues.