Donovan Mitchell admits story of post-trade behavior was absolutely true

Donovan Mitchell, the former star of the Utah Jazz confirms the rumors that came out after his trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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The Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell had a bit of a messy falling out with one another after the 2021-2022 season. Mitchell was unhappy with the Jazz's inability to make it deep into the playoffs and there was seemingly still resentment between Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, stemming from issues that started during the early days of the 2020 pandemic.

So the Jazz traded both men, acknowledging that they likely did get as far as possible with the duo. And while there was no real public animosity from either side being leaked, the facts were clear; Mitchell wanted out. He apparently started to want his time in Salt Lake City to end, so much so that he would take a trade anywhere.

Even Cleveland. Cleveland's a wonderful city with a rich sports history but it isn't a top destination for NBA superstars, and yet when Mitchell got traded there, rumors came out that he was celebrating like he'd just won the Masters, running around the golf course he was at, celebrating and calling future-teammate Kevin Love.

Those were just rumors, until recently.

Speaking on the Run Your Race podcast (via Sports Illustrated), Mitchell goes on to talk about that exact moment, finding out from his agent that he was going to Cleveland in a brief, abrupt phone call, with no other information given in that exact moment. Then, Mitchell began celebrating, telling the podcast host;

“That story of me running around the golf course, all of that was true. Like, I was just hype, because it was just like: Alright, cool, here we go.’ One it’s a fresh start for me, but two, like it’s we were in a situation where we can really do something."

And while some Jazz fans were irked by the apparent rumor, it's largely worked out for both squads. The Jazz got a host of first-round draft picks and Lauri Markkanen, along with a bunch of other assets that could either be long-term options or future trade assets of their own. While Mitchell landed in Cleveland on a team with top talent.

So in the end, it worked out for both parties for the most part.

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