Don't speed up the timeline: How the Jazz should navigate the trade deadline

The Jazz have shown interest in trading for available star players. Patience is key in player development--don't speed up the timeline!
Dejounte Murray shoots over Kelly Olynyk as the Utah Jazz face the Atlanta Hawks.
Dejounte Murray shoots over Kelly Olynyk as the Utah Jazz face the Atlanta Hawks. / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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We are less than one week away from the NBA trade deadline of February 8th and the basketball world is officially going berserk. They say no one likes change, yet NBA fans can't wait to see how their team might shake up the roster. I've been hearing some rumors, and I have some thoughts.

The NBA trade deadline is that magical time of the year when NBA fans can indulge themselves in over-speculation. Every team will have their phones ring off the hook from now until February 8th, which is the official trade deadline. Each team will take a look at their roster and make one of three decisions: buy, sell, or stay put. If they feel that they're a player short of a championship-level team, they will likely trade for a player that allows them to go all-in.

The trade deadline rarely yields shocking results. When the dust settles, some teams may be better positioned for a deep playoff run, while others will be campaigning for a higher chance for the #1 pick. The Jazz are in a unique position, where the probability of the team buying or selling feels 50/50. Opinions vary wildly about what rebuilding teams should do when facing a dilemma. I will go on record to say the Jazz should not be buyers. At least, not yet.