Danny Ainge will have to live up to his lofty words

Pepperdine v Brigham Young
Pepperdine v Brigham Young / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Danny Ainge is going to have to live up to his words. The CEO of the Utah Jazz has made a bold statement, claiming to fans that he and the team are in fact going to go and try to land a major player or more this offseason. The term "Big game hunting" was used, implying that the team isn't just looking to trade for anyone, but a major name.

A name big enough to turn a lottery team into a playoff contender. This is a great statement for fans who aren't happy with the consecutive losing seasons. Utah Jazz fans aren't used to not watching basketball in April and May. So turning this thing around is a major need for all involved.

The Jazz can't afford a third-straight losing season, not with how the team has been a playoff-caliber team the last two seasons, only to be carved up by the front office, wanting instead to focus on draft positioning instead of playoff positioning.

While some fans have defended the Jazz's decisions to do two back-to-back impromptu tear downs, the fact is the Jazz fandom did not like being an above .500 team, and on their way to the postseason, only to see everything get ripped away in back-to-back seasons.

Fans aren't happy, and giving fans the idea that you're now going to try and win, doing so by trading for a major name or two, well you better not disappoint. If you leave this offseason without landing a true blue All-Star, and not a fringe guy like Trae Young, but a genuine top guy, fans are going to be mad.

It's bad enough to drag the fandom into two straight seasons of unnecessarily bad basketball, but to then give fans hope that a third isn't on the way is a risky operation. You better have something nearly guarnateed to happen, otherwise, the fandom will react very badly.

Ainge's tenure with the Jazz hasn't been good, and I think that's part of the reason why he's now going in on landing a star. I think he knows his job is on the line and if he can't turn things around fast, it's very likely that the summer of 2025 will have a new crew in place. All the way from the CEO and all the way down to the head coach.

This is truly a make-or-break season for this version of the Jazz, so hopefully Ainge and company aren't getting our hopes up for anything.