Collin Sexton has a highlight reel worthy dunk but at a not-so-great time

The Utah Jazz guard went risky in the middle of a close contest.
Utah Jazz v Toronto Raptors
Utah Jazz v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Collin Sexton has really emerged as a strong option to start for the Utah Jazz for the remainder of the season. That is if he's not traded by the NBA Trade Deadline. Sexton's been looking for steady playing time all season, something Utah Jazz head coach Will Hardy has struggled with giving anyone this season, aside from Lauri Markkanen. Now, however, Sexton is the starter for the Jazz and since he's earned that starter's role, the team is 6-2.

That's not a coincidence, as positional fit is far more important to success in the NBA than just flat-out talent. You could have all the talent in the world but if you don't compliment your teammates, you aren't going to win. Sexton has been averaging 22.8 points per game since joining the starters while shooting over 50% from the floor.

He's been one of the most offensively efficient players on the Jazz and has more than earned his starter's spot. And while he's finally showing off what he can do with the team, he's still not making the best choices during the game.

Against the San Antonio Spurs, while nursing a six-point lead, the Jazz regained the ball on a poor possession by the Spurs, and Kelly Olynyk was able to pass the ball to Sexton for what should've been an easy, two-point, layup. Instead, Sexton tried to get fancy.

With the Spurs still very much in the game and the Jazz having a history of flaming out in the second half, Sexton took an ill-advised opportunity to show off. He bounced the ball off the court and went up for a spinning, two-handed, slam dunk. A dunk he nearly missed, and one that garnered him some ridicule from the Spurs broadcast team for trying.

The Jazz are not so good that they can take these unnecessary risks and still expect to survive tight contests. Hopefully Will Hardy, the Utah Jazz's head coach, talked to Sexton about why his stunt was ill-advised, and reminded him to just take the easy points in these situations.

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