Colin Cowherd unintentionally insults Utah Jazz owner in bitter cold take about JJ Reddick

Colin Cowherd has a weird issue with people who wear their caps backwards, which apparently would include the owner of the Utah Jazz, Ryan Smith.
Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Leave it to Colin Cowherd to show his age. At 60 years old he's showing how little he understands the world around him. Now, anyone who's ever watched his show will tell you that. He has a history of terrible sports takes, ones so bad that you wonder how he has a show. It's not because he understands sports, but he understsands rage bait. He only has the station he has because he can make people make. It's not much of a legacy but sure makes for one heck of a paycheck apparently.

Today's latest controversy comes from his latest episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd. In it, he lambasts one of the best shooters in modern NBA history, as well as one of the smartest players to ever play the game, J.J. Redick for committing the crime of...wearing his ballcap backward.

Great. Redick does a podcast with LeBron James where the two talk hoops. In it, they break down coverages, schemes, offensive positioning, and James even put over the Utah Jazz's own Lauri Markkanen. Yet, Cowherd couldn't get past the fact that Redick had his cap on backward.

He went on to, not only insult Redick but the fine laborers that make the country go, by saying Redick looked less of a coach and more like the guy who moved his couch. Why is that a bad thing, Cowherd? Why does looking like a laborer invalidate someone? There's nothing wrong with being a mover or looking like one, but in the eyes of Cowherd, if you look like a mover, you don't deserve to be respected.

Apparently, people are not allowed to have a lounge look. People must maintain stuffy professionalism at all times, even when they're not in a professional setup. Never mind that Cowherd perpetually looks like a retiree ready to go to the links with his buddies, but for an aspiring head coach in the NBA, apparently, a backward hat is a line too far.

Never mind his skills, his intelligence and his ability to teach others how to play the game of basketball better, but because he doesn't look like a coach 24/7, he's not to be respected.

Which is exactly what he implied, going so far to tell his co-host, Jason McIntyre, that he would actually hold back his colleague from promotions if he were to wear a backwards sports cap. That's some seriously messed up things to say outloud.

It's sad that he dismisses Redick as a minimum wager caliber worker by how he dresses because it not only shows you how out of touch Cowherd has become. Not only that, however, but how different things are now than they were when he got his start in the 1980s. Insulting someone for how they dress is never smart, and it's outright disrespectful.

He insulted Redick, the people who break their backs as well as one of our very own; Ryan Smith.

Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith is rarely ever seen not wearing a backward hat. While it's possible, the rate at which the billionaire owner of Qualtrics is photographed wearing a backward cap is staggering. He's constantly rocking a backward hat.


Cowherd thinks Redick shouldn't wear a hat because he may be a big-time "exec" in the league, and man if that's true, I wonder what he'd say to Smith. Smith has brought a relatable charm to his time owning the Jazz, and a lot of fans seem to like him for it. Times change, Smith is proof of that.

People no longer have to look like they're going to a job interview 24/7, and that's a good thing. People should be allowed to express themselves to a reasonable degree and mocking, belittling, or putting down someone for doing so is not only tired, it's just rude.

I'm glad the Jazz has an owner that would upset Cowherd, because if Cowherd is betting against you, then you're probably doing something right.