Can Johnny Juzang become a big-time scorer for the Utah Jazz?

Johnny Juzang is putting himself in some rare company.
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Johnny Juzang is making the most of his time on the Utah Jazz this season. With Lauri Markkanen, Jordan Clarkson, John Collins, and others constantly hurt or in and out of the lineup over the last few months as the Jazz went into tank mode, Juzang has gotten more and more minutes.

While he's averaging less than seven points per game the season currently, he's shot 46.5% from the floor, and a whopping 39.75 from three. He's finding his groove with the Jazz and is averaging just shy of 13 points per game over his last four games.

Juzang has been a guy who has had a lot of people raving about him and his play since he was at UCLA and now with the Jazz seemingly ready to move on from Jordan Clarkson, a spot on the 2024-2025 Utah Jazz is expected to be open.

The Jazz could easily use Juzang as the team's new sixth man, but we'll have to see how the rest of the season goes before giving him such a huge role. Still, it's worth pointing out that Juzang's recent output of 26 points against the Golden State Warriors is a number that surprisingly stands apart from many others. According to Cat Country Utah, Juzang's 26 points with the Jazz is more than Byron Russell, Ronnie Brewer, Raja Bell, Kris Dunn, Howard Isley, Dante Exum, and Derek Fisher, and has tied the highest output that Kyle Korver had as a member with the Jazz.

When you're putting up points at the same rate as a guy like Korver, or more than a guy like Bell, you're in some pretty unique company. Both Bell and Korver were among the better scorers of their days, and if Juzang's recent string of shooting is any indication of his potential, then keeping him around may not be the worst idea.

That said, we've seen guys have fantastic outings before and never live up to the hype; Brandon Jennings, anyone? So maybe one night of 26 points isn't enough to proclaim him an important part of the team's future. Only time will truly tell.