Brice Sensabaugh's time in the G-League should merit minutes for the Utah Jazz

The rookie doing the most damage this season isn't even with the Utah Jazz currently and that's Brice Sensabaugh.
Utah Jazz Media Day
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The Utah Jazz drafted three rookies this past offseason, selecting Taylor Hendricks 9th overall, Keyonte George 16th overall, and Brice Sensabaugh 28th overall. Hendricks was someone that many on the internet expected to see start from day one. He's in the G-League. Then there was George, who many expected to see come off the bench, but is now starting.

And then there was Sensabaugh, a guy who just was there at times. No one had any high hopes for him, and most thought he may be part of a trade package to land a major name. He didn't make the rotation for the Jazz and only saw a handful of minutes early in the season during garbage time.

Now, Sensabaugh is in the G-League right next to Hendricks, but of the two men, it's Sensabaugh who's showing up. Through five games with the Salt Lake City Stars, Sensabaugh is playing 31.5 minutes per game, with shooting splits of .440/.350/1.000, while averaging 19 points, seven rebounds, and five assists per game.

Yes, its against G-League competition but that's one heck of a stat line. In fact, it's so dang impressive, that it's fair to say that Sensabaugh, and not George, should be getting the shot to start for the Jazz. The Jazz need good scoring, from guys who aren't wildly inconsistent. Not only has his shot been consistent since arriving with the Stars, but Sensabaugh has been a very helpful defender.

He's not blowing people away with his defense, but he's able to get in front of guys and slow them down as they try to drive to the paint.

But his shooting and defense are fine, it's his passing that has taken a lot of people by surprise. Seeing him average five assists per game was a bit shocking, especially since he averaged far less than two per night in college.

At this rate, Sensabaugh's going to need to be called up soon to play for the big league squad.

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