Brice Sensabaugh may be the only rookie who deserves minutes for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are officially tanking, so why not play Brice Sensabaugh more?
Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Garbage time is a term used for the end of a sporting event, specifically basketball, where players who don't normally play end up getting some action. The Utah Jazz are about to become very accustomed to that idea, as the management has pushed the team further into a rebuild that no one wanted. A rebuild on a rebuild that didn't need to be done, but the Jazz traded away three key defensive players ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline and are now 0-3 since.

The dark days are here. The Jazz are allowing 132 points per game in their three games since the deadline and are far from thriving since offensively; scoring just 114 points per game. The Jazz are overlying now on guys like Keyonte George and Taylor Hendricks for minutes, with George proving he's defensively deficient, and Hendricks looking like Bambi on ice out there.

The team is a mess on both sides of the court and it very much sounds like the players who were left behind at the deadline are ready to call it a season already, with many of them feeling like they got lied to about the intentions of the team this season. Management said they were here to compete, but proved that was a lie.

So if the goal is to tank, which it clearly is with Hendricks and George getting the minutes they are, why not just go all in and play Brice Sensabaugh more? He's only played six NBA games, playing just shy of three minutes per, while scoring a total of eight points across those six games. Yet, in the G-League, he scored nearly 20 points per game.

He shot 47.5% from the floor, 32.5% from three, and 72.2% from the free throw line, while scoring 19.5 points per game. He added nearly five rebounds (4.9) per game as well as nearly three assists (2.8).

He's a versatile player who has a positive BPM during his time in the G-League (+0.2), and the Jazz would be smart to actually start playing him some. After all, if we have to suffer through George on defense, and Hendricks on both ends of the court, instead of a playoff birth, we might as well see what all three youngsters can do.

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