Brice Sensabaugh continues to have the mentality needed for success

The Utah Jazz seem to be getting the best out of their young perimeter player.
Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic
Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Brice Sensabaugh is unfortunately the least talked about of the trio of rookies that the Utah Jazz have this season. Keyonte George, the Utah Jazz's starting point guard, has dominated the headlines since he's played the most this season. Taylor Hendricks, the highest draft pick the Jazz had this past NBA Draft, arguably comes in second due to how high he was taken. Sensabaugh, arguably the player with the highest floor, not only wasn't talked about much but he's played the least.

That's surprising, considering he's been shooting well all season, both in the G-League and in his limited time on the main roster. Sure, Hendricks and George may have higher ceilings, but Sensabaugh is the guy who could realistically help now, at least on offense. He's struggling on defense, that's not up for debate, but he could and probably will get better the more he's in the system that Jazz head coach Will Hardy runs.

And thankfully for fans, despite the uneven playing time, lack of opportunities, and poor defensive play at times, Sensabaugh has the right attitude. Speaking to the media, via the Utah Jazz's official Twitter/X account, Sensabaugh revealed how he deals with the struggles the season throws at you, saying;

"Don't focus too much on the short term stuff, it's a spring not a marathon."

The fact that the young forward is talking to Kris Dunn, arguably the team's most consistent defender, gives many hope that his defensive woes turn around quickly. Dunn is an excellent defender and arguably deserves more playing time in his own right. If Dunn can help his young teammates get better on the defensive side of the court, then it's likely the Utah Jazz turn around their losing ways faster than expected.

It sounds like not only does Sensabaugh have a good mentor to lean on but he has a solid outlook for what he expects of himself.