Bleacher Report once again underestimates who and what the Utah Jazz need at the trade deadline

The Utah Jazz need more than potential this trade deadline.
Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets
Utah Jazz v Charlotte Hornets / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

It's fair to say that Bleacher Report doesn't get the situation the Utah Jazz are in. Over .500 on the season and three games back from the sixth seed in the West as of press time, and there are still national media outlets that believe the Jazz should prioritize project players and draft picks over actual improvements.

Now, do the Jazz need to go trade for Zion Williamson or even Mikal Bridges? No, they can trade for a few good, young players, who improve the team in small ways. Someone who can play defense, shoot threes, pass, and really anything else. It doesn't need to be a superstar they chase after, just upgrades.

Yet, Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley continues to believe the Jazz are sellers at the deadline, and whatever trade they make will be a low-impact one. In this recent article, Buckley suggests the Jazz target the New York Knicks' Quentin Grimes, the Atlanta Hawks' AJ Griffin, and draft picks. Buckley buys into the concept that everyone can be "developed" and fails to realize that Griffin is a flat-out bad player who hurts the Jazz and takes up a valuable roster spot, while Griffin is all defense and no offense.

Grimes may be a guy you can invest some time in, but only if you decide to give up on the year and decide to give a guard who has no real scoring ability a lot of minutes. He shot barely over 40% from the floor in college and yet now we believe he can turn into a competent offensive player? No, that's really not how it works. Sure, there are outliers but for the most part, if you're not a good shooter before the NBA, you don't become a great one just by practicing.

Grimes can work though if you only play him as a defensive stopper in close games where you need a stop. Beyond that though you risk stalling this team's growth.

As for Griffin, the needy Atlanta Hawks have no use for him, so why would the Jazz? Utah needs to stay away from other people's scraps if they look to build into a real winner. Not everyone can be Lauri Markkanen, so stop trying with these near-lost causes.

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