Bleacher Report names the Utah Jazz's top 3 trade prospects and we kind of agree with them

Could the Utah Jazz trade for these assets?
Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks
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The Utah Jazz are a team that is looking to make some moves in the standing and if that continues to go their way, they may be a team looking to make some moves at the trade deadline. They're a squad that has transformed themselves over the last month by playing better together, simply due to better lineups. Guys have been moved around and the squad responded.

They went from looking to trade away assets for draft picks to potentially looking to acquire players come the NBA Trade Deadline. And unlike most teams in the NBA, the players they may trade are largely the same for either scenario; buying or selling. The only difference is that Lauri Markkanen and Collin Sexton are not likely to be moved anymore.

But who is? More specifically, who are the Jazz looking at trading for? Well, Bleacher Report compiled three targets the Jazz should consider trading for and we agree with most of the options suggested, but not all of them. Well, maybe just one of them.

The article in question suggests that the Jazz should look into trading for either draft picks, Josh Green of the Dallas Mavericks or Dejounte Murray of the Atlanta Hawks. Of all them, Murray is the only one that makes sense for the Jazz. Green has been a solid option for the Mavs but he has his own issues.

He's not better than Simone Fontecchio. Fontecchio is a better shooter, who is far more reliable on offense. And while Green is a better defender, only by so much. Not so much you want to give up players or picks for him. If Green is waived, sure, go pick him up, but don't give up assets for Green.

As for draft picks, the team has plenty and unless you can get a pick in a game-changing draft, which 2024 isn't seen as having (at least not yet), then there's no point in giving up proven assets for unproven assets.

Murray, on the other hand, makes total sense, especially if the goal is to play Murray and Sexton next to one another and have Dunn as the first guard off the bench. But the problem with bringing in Murray is that you run the risk of disrupting the Jazz's current chemistry, which is more important than individual talent.

The Utah Jazz don't need a player like Kyle Kuzma when they already have John Collins. dark. Next. The Utah Jazz don't need a player like Kyle Kuzma when they already have John Collins