As March Madness rolls on, who should the Utah Jazz be looking at in the draft?

There are a number of intriguing players to consider for the Jazz with their draft picks this year.

NC State v Duke
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#6 - DJ Burns Jr. - NC State - 6'9" 275 lbs. Forward

Burns has had a magical postseason run, averaging 16.5 points on 70% shooting from the field, leading a Cinderella NC State team to the Final Four. His charisma and leadership have shone as his team has withstood more talented rosters on their way to glory.

In his final year of eligibility, he may go from undrafted to getting on an NBA roster due to the tourney run. He may not be a good rebounder or have range on his shot, but he could be a poor man's Julius Randle if he drops some weight and improves his conditioning.

Burns has played 5 seasons of college ball at this point and is older than many of the available draft prospects. That could work against him, but also could be a benefit - he's likely more mature than an 18 or 19-year-old, and would adapt better at the NBA level in some ways.

As I have mentioned before, the Jazz need size and rotational big men. However Burns may not be that guy for us - he likely needs a year or more in the D-League before he's ready, and the Jazz need more immediate help from whoever they draft in 2024.