As March Madness rolls on, who should the Utah Jazz be looking at in the draft?

There are a number of intriguing players to consider for the Jazz with their draft picks this year.

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It's nearly the end of the NBA season for the Utah Jazz. They have 6 games remaining, and then their offseason will begin since they are already eliminated from the play-in and playoff races. It has been a hard year to watch at times, with a 10-game losing streak currently that is the longest in over 40 years for the franchise.

The Utah Jazz front office is likely looking ahead to the offseason at this point, and part of that is watching the prospects remaining in the NCAA's March Madness, to see who is worth being drafted in June, as well as other players whose teams have already been eliminated, and international prospects that play outside of the USA.

Barring a predraft trade, the Utah Jazz currently have 3 picks to utilize. Two are in the 1st round, and one is in the 2nd round. While the order of those picks isn't set in stone yet, the likelihood of the team keeping their pick has become crystal clear. Barring some rotten lottery luck in Secaucus, they will pick in the Top 10.

With 3 picks, the Jazz have flexibility - they have roster holes to fill at center and small forward. They hope to get a cornerstone player with at least one pick, and a rotation player with one of the others. But they could also take a prospect with an upside that may need years to pan out, or that could stay overseas for now.

Let's take a look at some of the prospects available, and whether they make sense for the Utah Jazz or not.