Are the Utah Jazz really trying to position themselves for Cooper Flagg, and should they?

The Utah Jazz may want Cooper Flagg, and they seem to be in line to Flunk for Flagg.
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Cooper Flagg is the best basketball player in all of boys' high school hoops this season. At least if you buy into such outlandish statements. Flagg is the top high school recruit in the country currently and will be heading to Duke in the fall to start his one-and-done season with the Blue Devils. After that, it's expected he'll enter the NBA Draft.

If he does, and his freshmen year at Duke goes well, he's likely to go No. 1 overall. Flagg is considered by many to be a once-in-a-lifetime player. NBA draft analyst Jonathan Wasserman referred to his Nike Peach Jam performance as "superhero" stuff (via ClutchPoints). Considering he had a stat line of 38 points, 16 boards, 11 blocks, and 6 assists; we believe it.

Now, it's wise to never get too invested in high school players. For every Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, there's a Sebastian Telfair and Kwame Brown. We have no idea if Flagg is going to stay this dominant or go the way of so many other highly touted prospects. He very well could be the next great NBA player.

Still, whether he is or isn't, he's the catch of the 2025 NBA Draft currently. He's such a big deal that even SLC Dunk believes he's the goal for next season. As good as Flagg is, is he really worth tanking for? Or, failing for?

Failing for Flagg is going to be a big thing next season, assuming the young man is putting up huge performances. With Collin Sexton already 25 and Lauri Markkanen on the verge of 27, this is not a team with young enough stars to warrant failing for Flagg.

By the time he's out, Markkanen will be pushing 28, and by the time he's ready to contribute readily to the NBA and actually make a difference, Markkanen will be 30. If the goal is to get Flagg, then the Jazz need to cash out on Sexton and Markkanen now while they still have value.

Then again, that would be awfully foolish to give up so much guaranteed talent all for the potential of one player.