A new rumor suggests that the Utah Jazz are done with the current jersey and color schemes

The Utah Jazz seem to be done with the hideous yellow that fans have often complained about.
Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have done the fans wrong during the 2023-2024 season. Not only was there a post-trade deadline tank that fans weren't expecting but the team has seemingly lied to fans about their intentions. This has upset a lot of season-ticket holders who were under the impression the team was going to try and compete this season. Well, a 3-16 record after the NBA Trade Deadline has proven that to be a lie.

But that doesn't mean the season has been a waste, not entirely. While we don't know what the future of the roster will be, or if the talents that are acquired in the 2024 NBA Draft are going to be worth the frustration the team went through to get them, it does appear that the Jazz and owner Ryan Smith have in fact listened to the fanbase.

The yellow jersey ear is dead. Or at least so the rumor goes. There has not been a fandom more vocal about the dislike of their uniforms and jerseys than the Jazz fandom. The team brought in the yellow-and-black look in 2022, and now, less than two years later, the team has already started phasing them out. The Jazz announced in late February of 2024 that they wouldn't wear those yellow jerseys for the remainder of the season.

Now it appears as though the rebrand that Smith tried to bring to Utah is over. According to KSL's Ben Anderson, the Jazz are rumored to be moving on from the neon yellow look and will be reverting back to the purple, black, and white colors of yesteryear. Anderson goes on to write;

"I will share a loose collection of rumors I’ve heard about the team’s future look, recognizing I haven’t seen any mock-ups nor had anything confirmed to me by anyone within the organization. I’ve heard there will be new uniforms next season. I’ve heard that mountains will be a prominent feature in the team’s design, though my guess would be the Jazz Note logo also remains. And, I’ve heard that yellow is not a featured color, though I’d suspect black, white, and purple are here to stay."

The Jazz have found fans who are very excited about their purple mountain jerseys, a throwback to the 1990s version that is arguably the team's most iconic and popular look ever. The updated mountain jerseys have been well received and hopefully, the team will look to use those permanently going forward.