The 8 Greatest Jazz players in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

These players possess the highest Player Efficiency Ratings in Jazz franchise history.
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4. John Stockton - 21.8

Unarguably a top two player in franchise history, John Stockton was one half of the duo that defined Jazz basketball for nearly two decades. Entering the league as the 16th overall pick from the 1984 draft, Stockton's skill as a floor general came to the forefront from day one.

One of John's abilities that jumps off the page when looking at his raw stats is his durability. Incredibly, he played in all 82 games of the season for 12 of the first 13 seasons of his career. That is a feat difficult to achieve in any era, but Stockton took care of his body and only missed four games through his first 13 seasons.

Stockton built out a career as one of the most efficient and game-changing point guards of all time on top of being an absolute ironman. Earning 10 All-Star selections and 11 All-NBA honors over the course of his career showcased his all-around talent, but his nine assist titles and five All-Defensive nods show how dominant he was at both ends of the floor playing point guard.

John's ability to affect the game at such a high level makes it no surprise that he holds the fourth-best PER in Jazz history.