6 players who turned their backs on the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have had to deal with some of the more selfish players in league history.
Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers
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4. Gordon Hayward

Fans both hate and love Gordon Hayward pretty equally these days. A reunion would mean so much to the fans of Salt Lake but Hayward left the club in 2017 to join up with the Boston Celtics, and fans have never truly gotten past it. His departure was painful as many expected him to return to the club that invested him in over more respected players like Paul George. Hayward had just made his first All-Star team and was about to break out. He was a multi-faceted player with limitless skills and was so impressive, that the Cleveland Cavaliers were going all-out to land him just prior to the return of LeBron James.

It was Gordon's desire to leave Utah for Boston specifically that rubbed a lot of players the wrong way. It felt like an indy music act that hooked up with Scooter Braun and went from country to pop, just to sell more records. The authenticity of Hayward was lost when he choose to ring chase with the Celtics.

The hype around Hayward in Utah was real, and instead of staying true to the city and franchise that embraced him, he bailed to go to the most disliked franchise in the NBA; the Boston Celtics. Sadly, he suffered a career-altering injury, that many fans claim wouldn't have happened had he stayed in Utah. A statement that might be true but we'll never know.

Hayward is still playing, and well, but a reunion doesn't seem to be in the cards.