6 players who turned their backs on the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have had to deal with some of the more selfish players in league history.
Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers
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6. Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer is a villain of villains among the Cleveland Cavaliers faithful, spurning the team and doing them wrong on the way out. Yet, the Utah Jazz felt comfortable taking him in. If you've ever dated anyone who cheated on someone to be with you, you should know that if they cheat on their prior ex, they'll cheat on you too. The same can be said for Boozer. He and the Cavs allegedly came to an agreement that they'd let his rookie deal expire so they could give him a bigger contract as they felt he had earned it.

They wanted to pair him up with LeBron James for the long run, but the Utah Jazz offered Boozer a better deal and he took that instead. Turns out the scorpion will always sting you, as it is his nature. After Boozer grew tired in Utah, he started talking. Talking a lot.

Boozer was called out by the owner in 2005 by the owner of the Jazz, Larry Miller for not caring that much at times while on the court. In October of 2008, he said he was going to opt out as he was "going to get a raise regardless". He didn't. That same month Miller called it one of the stupidest things he's ever heard. In the following offseason, he didn't opt out after all but spent a media tour in Chicago and Miami telling local radio shows that he was leaving the Jazz and was asking for a trade.

Why a trade? Turns out that raise never came. Boozer never got an offer on par with what he was making at the time and so he did everything he could to make more money. Even if meant lying through his teeth. Bleacher Report called him a two-faced, master manipulator and then claimed he only played for the money.

Which, yeah, fair.