6 players who turned their backs on the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have had to deal with some of the more selfish players in league history.
Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Dishonorable Mention - Enes Kanter

Another defacto lazy player, who didn't like playing in Salt Lake City, and hated being held to a higher standard than he held himself, Enes Kanter requested a trade after being in the league just over three seasons and amounting to nothing during that time. He rubbed his teammates in Utah so badly, that when Kanter's new team, the Thunder and the Jazz first met after Kanter's departure, every starter on the Jazz ignored him just prior to tip-off while acknowledging the rest of the Thunder's starting five. He even went on to say that the Jazz weren't professionals.

Dishonorable Mention - Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher making this list will be controversial but if you ask many Jazz fans, they'll tell you that Fisher earned his spot, and maybe even deserves to be higher. During Fisher's time in Utah, his daughter got ill, and despite Salt Lake City having one of the best hospitals in the world for her illness, he still wanted her to get treatment in Los Angeles, so the Jazz released Fisher so he could go be with his daughter. Only for Fisher to sign back up with the Los Angeles Lakers, and directly help the Lakers eliminate the Jazz that season.

It doesn't help his case that his ex-wife has even accused him of exploiting his daughter's illness either. Not to mention, Fisher's reputation has been in a nose dive since he retired, namely cheating on his wife, while dating his ex-teammates and then soon-to-be-ex-wife. The fallout of that affair further highlighted Fisher's lies, as he had told the New York Knicks, the team he was coaching at the time, that he was away seeing families, but instead, the affair led to a fight with Matt Barnes and in turn revealed he wasn't with his family like he had said. He was subsequently fired as Knicks head coach.