6 players who turned their backs on the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have had to deal with some of the more selfish players in league history.
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There was a time in NBA history when players sucked it up and ground through tough times with their original franchise. Teams were used to keeping guys for years, even decades on the rarest of occasions, with the same number on the front and back of his jersey. Times have certainly changed, and now player movement is a huge part of the game. However,, the excitement for player movement is largely isolated to whatever team lands the prestigious free agent or traded asset.

The rest of the league largely sees them as traitors or turncoats.

The Utah Jazz are among the NBA teams who have had their share of turncoats over the years. Whether it's distasteful comments after leaving, or just shotty behavior that forces you to get moved, these are the worst of the worst, but first, we're looking at the dishnorable menitons.

Dishonorable Mention - Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert's behavior over the last couple of seasons didn't do him any favors, nor did his constant whining off the court about awards he didn't get. He rubbed players like Donovan Mitchell the wrong way and it all led to the team realizing they couldn't continue with either man on the team.

Dishonorable Mention - Trey Lyles

Trey Lyles didn't like Salt Lake City, claiming it was just a place for "families" and word was that Lyles didn't like the club scene in the area. Lyles also admitted to not liking to work hard and was nonplussed when Richard Jefferson, who was interviewing Lyles at the time, mentioned the weather and fans as pluses for being in Salt Lake City. Maybe if he practiced harder, the former lottery pick wouldn't be just a bench guy for the Sacramento Kings.

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