5 prospects the Utah Jazz should covet and 5 prospects the Utah Jazz should ignore

The Utah Jazz have a huge chance to supercharge their team with the 2024 NBA Draft but that means getting the right guy.
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No. 1 Prospects to covet and ignore

Covet - Reed Sheppard

If anyone can make me want to trade up to get someone, it's Reed Sheppard. Height aside, he's everything you're looking for from a guard. He can shoot, pass, and run the court, he's athletic and smart. His three-point shot is second to none and his ability to play defense on the perimeter is impressive. He may not be the best defender, but he's one of the best and coupled with his ability to score, he's the perfect fit for the Utah Jazz. He may not be the perfect fit for another team, but for Utah, few prospects address the issues that Sheppard can.

Ignore Rob Dillingham

It's not a debate that Rob Dillingham could score in college. He shot very well from inside and outside of the arc and showed good court-vision as a passer. On any other team, Dillingham may be on the coveted side of things. Sadly, the Utah Jazz can't afford to draft him, knowing his weakness is defense. It's much easier, especially in a Power 5 school like Kentucky, to put up gaudy stats. So many opponents can't hang with a team like Kentucky. So stats get inflated. Despite that, his defensive ratings are as bad as any we've seen. He's barely got a positive defensive box plus-minus and his defensive rating is drifting into the "bad" territory. If you could pick someone who excels on both ends of the court over one who excels at just one, you take the person who can do both.