5 prospects the Utah Jazz should covet and 5 prospects the Utah Jazz should ignore

The Utah Jazz have a huge chance to supercharge their team with the 2024 NBA Draft but that means getting the right guy.
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No. 2 Prospects to covet and ignore

Covet - Dalton Knecht

I think Dalton Knecht is getting overlooked because of his age and little else. At 23, many see him as a completed prospect, with little upside. That's fine by me, as he's a 20+ point per game scorer, with a near 40% three-point shot, and effective albeit unimpressive defensive skills. He's the kind of guy that the Utah Jazz will be looking to sign in free agency but if he can come into the NBA and produce near his collegiate level right off the bat, then he'll be a borderline All-Star for some time to come.

Ignore - Cody Williams

I'm not entirely sure why the hype around Cody Williams is as high as it is, except for the fact that he's the younger brother of Jalen Williams. If you look at some of their numbers and stats, they look close to one another. Cody only averaged three rebounds a game, despite being 6'8, and Cody only averaged 3 per game, despite being 6'6. They both shot at nearly 40% from three. They're both a bit lanky. Sure, but Cody isn't shooting as often as Jalen. He shot less than two shots from behind the three-point arc as a freshman. Jalen shot far more from three. Not to mention, far more overall. Jalen shot nearly 13 shots a game the year he declared, Cody shot just eight. If he weren't Jalen's brother, he wouldn't have this type of hype.