5 prospects the Utah Jazz should covet and 5 prospects the Utah Jazz should ignore

The Utah Jazz have a huge chance to supercharge their team with the 2024 NBA Draft but that means getting the right guy.
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No. 4 Prospects to covet and ignore

Covet - Devin Carter

He may be a bit further down the draft board than some may like for the 10th overall spot, but Devin Carter is certainly a solid option. He's a good shooter from inside, hitting over 50% of the two-point shots that he takes, and he's improving as a three-point shooter. A sub 30% three-point shooter in his first two seasons, he lept to 37% the year he declared for the draft. Coupled that with his nearly four assists per game, and you have the makings of a solid point guard. He's not just good offensively, however, as he's one of the best defensive prospects in the draft. He posted a 94.5 defensive rating, and a defensive box plus-minus of +5.0. If he was better-shooting threes earlier in his career and was more consistent, he'd be higher.

Ignore - Matas Buzelis

I feel like Matas Buzelis could either be the next Andre Kirelienko or the next Jan Vesely. On one hand, he doesn't pop offensively, but he does have some natural talent shooting the ball, just not from three. His defense can be solid at times but he does give up too many easy buckets. On the flip side, however, he made next to no impact on a team designed to compete with G-League teams. While the NBA may be shutting down the G-League Ignite team due to the ability for players to now get paid in college, I believe the team's getting shut down because it just makes top prospects look bad. Maybe Buzelis can be a good get for a team, but more than likely he's lacking that aggressive mentality needed to succeed.