5 prospects the Utah Jazz should covet and 5 prospects the Utah Jazz should ignore

The Utah Jazz have a huge chance to supercharge their team with the 2024 NBA Draft but that means getting the right guy.
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No. 5 Prospects to covet and ignore

Covet - Donovan Clingan

We're not super high on Donovan Clingan right now, as he's a bit slower than we'd be comfortable with. That said, if the Utah Jazz are done on Walker Kessler, or want to have two defensive dominant centers, then Clingan could find himself a member of the Jazz. Clingan is every bit as good as Kessler defensively and has a three-point shot that can't be ignored. He's someone with intense upside and if he can transition to the league, he could be the next great defensive big. Plus, if he develops that three-point shot, who knows how good he could be. He could be a better version of Brook Lopez.

Ignore - Alexandre Sarr

It's hard to get hyped for a center who barely saw the court in the Australian National Basketball League. Sarr has the size, quickness, and length that makes you think he'll be able to transition to the NBA, but those types are a dime a dozen and so many fail to make the headway necessary. He's not a great rebounder despite his size and while he could easily take a massive leap, I'm not a fan of potential overproduction. I don't think Sarr is better than Clingan and while Sarr could be, one day, that's not a risk I'd take.