5 prospects the Utah Jazz should covet and 5 prospects the Utah Jazz should ignore

The Utah Jazz have a huge chance to supercharge their team with the 2024 NBA Draft but that means getting the right guy.
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The Utah Jazz are about to embark on the most important part of their offseason, the 2024 NBA Draft. The Draft Lottery is in the books, the Draft Combine has wrapped up, and while some interviews and workouts are still to be had, it's that time. That time when we get hyped over the possibility of the next great player coming out of the NBA Draft and taking their seat with the greats of Utah Jazz past.

It'll take a bit for any rookie the team drafts to turn into the star they can be, but we have a lot of faith in this draft, even if others don't. Now, it should be emphasized that there is never a guarantee that the players they draft will turn into something special, but we have faith. We have faith that the team knows what to look for and will prioritize needs and talent over anything else.

If they do that, we believe that the player the team gets will be the right guy for the job. The Jazz need perimeter play more than anything. They need three-point shooting, they need perimeter defense. They need guards who won't be a hindrance on either side of the court. They need two-way players.

Some help at the wings will be necessary as well, as could some size and quickness down low. But more than anything, they need three-point shooters and defenders. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the list to come is going to feature guys who can play the perimeter and us encouraging the Jazz to avoid those who can't play on the edges like that.