5 players to watch on the Jazz's summer league roster

Outside of what could be a loaded rookie class, the Jazz have multiple players whose summer league performance could decide their future in Utah and NBA.
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
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1. Walker Kessler

This is definitely the one plotline every Jazz fan should be keeping their eye on. Kessler playing in the Summer League when he's about to play in his third NBA season is a curious decision. Sure, his sophomore season did not go as planned, but noy many players who accomplished what Kessler did fall so hard that they play in the Summer League again.

Adding to the mystery are the rumors swirling around about Kessler's availability on the trade market. Because his sophomore season did not go well in the slightest, teams are calling the Jazz about him, and surprisingly, the Jazz aren't laughing in their faces when they do.

This Summer League performance could serve as either Kessler letting both the Jazz and the league know that he's going to be fine long-term. It could also serve as a showcase for any team who truly wants the impending third-year center. In any case, watching someone who many thought had All-Defense in his future play in the Summer League should make many stay tuned.