5 players to watch on the Jazz's summer league roster

Outside of what could be a loaded rookie class, the Jazz have multiple players whose summer league performance could decide their future in Utah and NBA.
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
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2. Cody Williams

Williams was the highest pick for the Jazz in the 2024 NBA Draft. He projects to be a high-end 3&D wing in a league that values that exact skillset now more than ever. He likely will be a little raw when it comes to how he'll do on the offensive end, but there's a lot to like about his game.

In the Summer League, he won't face much pressure to score at a high clip since he will likely be surrounded by players who can put the ball in the bucket. While it would be nice to see him show some prowess on that end, if he wants to excite fans about his future, all he has to do is live up to the billing as a 3&D wing.

The Jazz were conceringly low when it came to defensive-minded personnel during the 2023-24 season. If Williams can show that he can do his part in turning that around while also showing his floor-spacing abilities, there will be a lot to like about him when his rookie season begins.