5 players to be had at the Trade Deadline who would be a perfect fit for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz would be smart to add a few key pieces to their roster.
Utah Jazz v Memphis Grizzlies
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Center - Santi Aldama

Santi Aldama only makes sense if Walker Kessler gets put back in the starting five. Aldama isn't a great rebounder, but that's not really something the Utah Jazz need a lot of help with. The Jazz are second in the league with 46.6 rebounds per game, second only to the Boston Celtics. The Jazz can afford to bring someone in like Aldama, who's never averaged six rebounds per game in his short career so far, and not lose too much ability cleaning the glass.

He's not a great shot blocker either, but Aldama is a good defensive center. He knows how to disrupt lanes, he can take charges and his frame and quickness allows him to close in on the shooter and contest shots a bit faster than most. He's not better than Kessler but if Kessler is going to the starting five, then you need another big off the bench to pair with Kelly Olynyk to help slow down opposing offenses.

He's a lowkey addition but he's just good enough and just cheap enough that landing him wouldn't set back the Jazz at all, while helping them get better (albeit quietly).

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