5 players to be had at the Trade Deadline who would be a perfect fit for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz would be smart to add a few key pieces to their roster.
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Power Forward - Dorian Finney-Smith

Watching the Utah Jazz on defense at times can be a nightmare, and watching John Collins on defense is the culmination of every fear you may have. Collins has been very solid offensively for the club but he's been bad on defense for far too long. There is no upgrade to be had for Collins, however. Maybe you couldn't talked yourself into Julius Randle, had he not gotten hurt, but the NBA doesn't have a lot of reliable two-way power forwards at the moment. At least not any who are likely to be traded.

So you look for guys who can help patch a team, like Dorian Finney-Smith. Finney-Smith is a good defender and not much else, but paired with Walker Kessler, Kris Dunn, and Kelly Olynyk, Finney-Smith may be the perfect type of guy to step up and get things done. The Jazz need a grittier, defensive-minded group of players off the bench and Finney-Smith gives you that.

Yes, you lose something offensively when he's on the court, but if you pair him with Collins and Kessler at the same time, you may be able to balance his strengths and weaknesses a bit better.