5 players to be had at the Trade Deadline who would be a perfect fit for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz would be smart to add a few key pieces to their roster.
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Shooting Guard - Luke Kennard

Trading Simeon Fontecchio hurt the Utah Jazz's ability to hit open three-point shots. That's not a good thing, as the team hasn't been the best at it all season. They're just 21st in three-point shots converted and are in dire need of help stretching the court with more reliability. Ideally, someone like Grayson Allen would be a great fit here, but it's unlikely the Phoenix Suns trade him with how valuable and reliable he's been all season.

So we look to a former teammate of his, Luke Kennard. Kennard isn't as good as Allen on defense, but he's a fair passer and a good shooter. He's exactly the type of someone the Jazz need off the bench to help boost their three-pointer woes. While Allen is the "perfect" fit, this is mostly a list of the most realistic options the Jazz can land, while also being someone who fills a need. So while Kennard isn't as good as Allen on defense, he may be a more reliable three point shooter going forward.three-point

Relying on guys like Keyonte George and Jordan Clarkson to shoot threes off the bench has only gotten them so far and the addition of Kennard would be huge for them.