5 most impressive Utah Jazz players from the 2023-2024 season

The Utah Jazz had their fair share of standouts during the 2023-2024 campaign.
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#2 PF/C Kelly Olynyk

Despite being a great role player still, the Utah Jazz did not use Kelly Olynyk to his highest possibilities. He shot 55% from the floor, 34% from three, and had four assists and five rebounds per game, but yet only had five shot attempts night in and night out. The Jazz didn't want to use Olynyk like he should have or could have been used.

So it's no surprise that despite being the best two-way player on the team, the Utah Jazz decided they were better off without him. They sent him away for peanuts, dramatically affecting the viability of the team's defense and its offensive capabilities in one sudden and unnecessary trade. Olynyk's lack of a presence on defense harmed the Jazz's ability to win games far more than any other move they made this prior season and it's why they fell apart as soon as they traded him.

He had an OBPM and a DBPM of +1.3, giving the team their second-highest BPM player with a score of +2.6. Second to only Markkanen. Olynyk's VORP was third, just behind Markkanen's and Collin Sexton's at +1.2.

His departure was dramatic and immediate, with the Utah Jazz starting the season with a 26-27 record, and winning just five more games over the rest of the season.