5 most impressive Utah Jazz players from the 2023-2024 season

The Utah Jazz had their fair share of standouts during the 2023-2024 campaign.
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#3 SG Collin Sexton

If we could get Collin Sexton better on defense, the Utah Jazz could just trade away half of the guards and build around him and Lauri Markkanen. Sadly, the team's best non-forward scorer is far from good on defense. Sexton had one of his better offensive seasons in the 2023-2024 campaign. He shot 48% from the floor, and 39% from three while scoring 18.7 points per game. He also tacked on a career-high 4.9 assists per game as well.

He was a truly effective scoring presence next to Lauri Markkanen. So much so that he posted an offensive box plus-minus of 3.8, the second-highest among all players who played regular minutes on the Jazz. Only Markkanen and Kenenth Lofton Jr. had a higher OBPM, and Lofton only played in four games. Sexton really did show just how good he is offensively, and while he isn't good defensively, he's getting better.

He did post a -1.9 DBPM but considering how bad the team around him, he may become a net-neutral player on defense with some better defensive talent around him. It's due to his improving (albeit still bad) defense and his excellent offense that led him to have career-highs in BPM with a +1.9, and VORP +2.0.