4 Utah Jazz players that need to have a big 2024-2025 season

These four Utah Jazz players need to have a big upcoming season.
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PG Keyonte George

There's a lot of hype around Keyonte George. For better or for worse, that's the major drawing factor for the former rookie point guard of the Utah Jazz. Despite the NBA All-Rookie Second Team spot, George was an objectively bad player over the last season. It may not be the thing you want to hear, but by every metric he was not good.,

Just look at his Box Plus Minus. He had a -4.4. Of all the regular players, only Jordan Clarkson had worse (-4.5) and just barely. George shot 39.1% from the floor, just a tad worse than Talen Horton-Tucker's 39.6% from the floor. His three-point percentage improved throughout the season, but he finished just .001 better than Kenneth Lofton in that category. Lofton shot 33.3% from three, while George shot 33.4% from three.

Not counting Lofton, George was third on the team in assists, (4.4), but second in turnovers (2.5). Yes, he did average 13 points per game, but George was 14th on the team in True Shooting with 53.3. That's so bad, that even Kris Dunn (54.6%) and Taylor Hendricks (57.8%) finished higher than him. He was easily one of the worst players, not just on the Jazz, but in the NBA, and for some reason he was rewarded for a, by all accounts, bad season.

No player needs to do and prove more in 2024-2025 than George, especially if Hardy makes the mistake of starting him again.