4 Utah Jazz players that need to have a big 2024-2025 season

These four Utah Jazz players need to have a big upcoming season.
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G Collin Sexton

It's odd to say it, but Collin Sexton is both a great and a terrible player. As an offensive player, he's a force on the floor. He shot just shy of 49% from the floor, hit nearly 2 of four three-pointers a game (39.4%), and had a career-high amount of assists per game (4.9). Not only that but this assists to turnovers ratio was never better than it was in 2023-2024. He became the perfect offensive complement to Lauri Markkanen.

The problem, however is that Sexton is truly bad on defense. He had a -1.9 defensive box plus-minus for the 2023-2024 season. Of the regular players, only Keyonte George (-2.9) and Jordan Clarkson (-3.2) had worse scores. He has trouble fighting through screens and sometimes is out of place when running zone. What saves him from being worse, is that he does at least try. We can't say the same for Clarkson.

Sexton could be a realistic offensive force and a future All-Star if he could just tighten up his defense some. If he can prove to be the better option over George and Clarkson (he already is), then he could be the team's starting point guard for some time.