4 Utah Jazz players that need to have a big 2024-2025 season

These four Utah Jazz players need to have a big upcoming season.
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SG Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson had a terrible year during the 2023-2024 season. While he still averaged 17 points per game, the third-highest of his career, He shot the worst of his career from the field at just 41.3% and had a truly terrible three-point percentage, hitting just 29.4%. His assists were up from his league average, as he did average five per game, but his turnovers were up to. He averaged 2.7 turnovers, just slightly less than the 3.0 turnover, career-high, he had in the prior season.

His defense was also the worst of his career, posting a defensive box plus-minus of -3.2 for a season, the worst of his career. Never a good defender, but there was a time he tried. He used to be a sub -1.0 defender in his early days in the NBA. He was capable of being better than he is now. It's clear he's just not putting in the same effort.

No one expects him to be Kris Dunn or Walker Kessler, but he can do far more than he currently is. He has to be a better defender if he's going to be this bad on offense. In his next season, if he's still with the Jazz, he has to be more efficient with when and where he shoots the ball above all else. Otherwise, what's the point of keeping him around?