4 Reasons NCAA Tournament could affect the Utah Jazz beyond the obvious

The Utah Jazz may not have an early first-round draft pick this season, but that's no reason to think the NCAA Tournament can't affect the team.
Oklahoma State v Brigham Young
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The next tournament darling

When you think of the NCAA tournament, a lot of things may come to mind, but for me, it's always the players that captivate the nation. Jimmer Fredette, Dwyane Wade, Steph Curry, Christian Laitner, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and so many others used the tournament to start or establish their legacies.

While I wouldn't know for sure, I can tell you I found out about Wade solely through the tournament. Watching him lead Marquette in the 2003 tournament made me a fan of his, and I instantly knew he was a guy I'd want on my team that coming draft. Was he a major prospect beforehand? Maybe, I wouldn't have known, as I wasn't interested in following prospects as much back then. But he clearly raised his stock in that tournament.

Same with Curry in 2009. Despite what was said about him after the fact, Curry wasn't seen as a big prospect before his tourney run. Even after, people had doubts, he showed just what he could be in that tournament. This year's tournament will see someone step up and show out that maybe wasn't on your radar prior.

And for us, that's one of the most exciting things to pay attention to; especially if the player comes out of a Utah-based college, or ends up on the Jazz.