4 Reasons NCAA Tournament could affect the Utah Jazz beyond the obvious

The Utah Jazz may not have an early first-round draft pick this season, but that's no reason to think the NCAA Tournament can't affect the team.
Oklahoma State v Brigham Young
Oklahoma State v Brigham Young / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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The Utah Jazz are going to be like many other NBA teams this March and April, watching the NCAA Tournament intently to see if there are any players who could possibly come to Salt Lake City and help get the Jazz back to title contention. The tournament is constantly creating and enlarging some of the biggest players in the world, and raising expectations considerably.

That's not all the tournament does, however, as it not only highlights some players who make their entire draft stock off of their tournament play but also helps raise the level of excitement in various reasons. It's one of the best reasons to invest some time in the tournament, as you get to see the legends of tomorrow a few days earlier.

But the future impact of the players on the court isn't the only reason to watch the tournament. Every year there are a variety of reasons to pay attention, even beyond the obvious. Sure, fans bet on the games, and there are other fans who actually cheer on their alma matter or home-town school. There are others who appreciate the economic impact of the event it self. It's one of the biggest profit centers in sports, and while playing the finals in a giant stadium isn't actually a great time for those in attendance, that doesn't mean that local areas don't benefit greatly from it.

So while we're a Utah Jazz site, we're going to look at four reasons why Jazz fans should pay attention to the tournament this season.