4 Jazz Replacements for Kris Dunn after impending free agent departure

The Jazz unsurprisingly lost Dunn to the Clippers (however that may happen), which begs the question of who they could add to fill his shoes.
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Markelle Fultz: Last played for Orlando

This is definitely the most optimistic name out of everyone who's mentioned. To be fair, Fultz has already somewhat found himself in the NBA after a turbulent start with the 76ers. The Magic also began phasing him out, though that had less to do with him and more to do with them utilizing players who fit the roster better.

Coming off an injury-plagued season with a diminished role, he would be perfect as a buy-low candidate. The days of hoping Fultz will be a star one day are gone, but he's proven that he's a starter on an NBA team. While the Magic may see him as expendable, the Jazz could certainly use Fultz's defense and playmaking abilities that Dunn provided for them.

Fultz is likely to be a buy-low candidate for teams who are vying for a title. Luckily the one edge the Jazz have is they can offer him more because of their cap room. At only 26 years old, Fultz is still young enough that seeing what he can offer at this stage is worth checking out.